Hemp Micro-Decorticator

Durable, compact, portable

Separates fibers from hurd

The HurdMaster MD 1000 micro decorticator is intended for small cannabis farming and processing operations and for CBD and marijuana producers who want to capitalize on leftover stems. The machine is designed for separating the cannabis stalk’s woody inner core (hurd, shivs, shives) from the exterior bast fibers. The resulting hurd can be used for hempcrete construction, as animal bedding and animal litter, or as plant bedding. With additional technology, the separated bast fibers can be further processed for a wide, wide variety of applications.

Film: Story of the HurdMaster

Kristaps Eglitis, developer of the HurdMaster MD 1000 micro decorticator, talks about his hemp dream, and how this groundbreaking technology is helping him to achieve it. Get the HurdMaster today, and fulfill your dream.

Machine basics


The Micro-Hemp Decorticator is designed to output high-quality shivs (shives, hurd). Perfect for flower and seed growers, and food, cosmetics, and alternative medicine companies who want to monetize leftover stalks from their harvests; and for DIY builders & hempcrete building instructors.


Films: [Operation and development]

  • The input is manual, so it means that the output is divided into roughly 1/1 shivs/fiber.
  • Produces shivs 5-30mm long for Hempcrete, animal bedding and plant bedding.
  • We are developing separation machinery to divide the shivs (which can be separated into 3 parts such as fine dust – very good to add for lime plastering).
  • Output estimate is 50-100 kg per hour, so it means in three days the amount of processed stalks is 1-2 ton.
  • The max size of the stalks is up to 3 centimeters in diameter for input.


  • Hempcrete construction
  • Animal bedding
  • Animal litter
  • Plant bedding

Technical specifications

  • Power Supply-220V / 1500W
  • Capacity: ~50kg/hr
  • Dimensions: 80cm X 200cm X 125cm (32” X 79” X 49”)
  • Weight: 320kg/705 lbs

Key features

  • Gear driven
  • Durable parts* 
  • Stainless steel rollers
  • Minimal maintenance

Add-ons available

  • Optional separator for hurd (3 sizes) and fiber


Kristaps Eglitis, who built the first prototype of the HurdMaster in his own shop, is by training an arts & crafts metal worker. The HurdMaster grew out of his love for natural building and his desire to build his own house and discover new ways of processing industrial hemp into building materials. He continues to develop the HurdMaster into next-generation models by continually adding features to achieve the highest quality fiber and shivs.


The HurdMaster’s manufacturing partner, Peruza, provides customized, complex technological solutions for raw materials processing and is a leading developer and supplier of fish processing systems. The company develops technology that maximizes workforce efficiency and therefore results in a fast payback time on the client’s investment. Peruza has more than 25 years of experience in 20 countries around the world, and more than 1,500 successful installations online.

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How to purchase

The HurdMaster MD 1000 Micro Decorticator is now available for purchase worldwide. To start the order process, please submit the form below.

Price of the HurdMaster: €13,500/$14,740 plus any applicable taxes.

Purchase terms: The terms are half of the payment up front and the remainder just prior to shipping.

Delivery: Delivery is within 8 to 10 weeks from the time the first half payment is made. That’s an outside estimate.

Shipping: Selection of the shipper and other shipping details are worked out between the individual buyer and seller.

Shipping costs: The buyer pays all shipping costs. Costs vary based on the buyer’s location.


To inquire about or begin the order process for the HurdMaster MD 1000 and, please submit the information below. You will receive our catalog and a sales representative will be in direct contact with you upon receipt of your request.

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