Empowering Communities: The HurdMaster boosts growers in remote area of South Africa

An exciting initiative unfolding in a small village near Lusikisiki town, nestled in the heart of the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. The Best Grow, an organization led by Director and founder Alan Diaz, introduced the HurdMaster Micro Decorticator 1000Air to the local communities that have been working with the hemp plant for years. This revolutionary machine helps growers process their hemp stalks to yield further valuable outputs.

The endeavor received overwhelming support from various parties and community members, including Simon from Strainhunters, as well as local heroes Bonke and Greek. Together, they successfully helped to bring the HurdMaster to the village, fueling excitement and hope for the community’s future.

Small, mobile, easy to transport

“The HurdMaster is a small, mobile, and easy-to-transport machine that does an exceptional job at decorticating,” Diaz enthused. This powerful tool has the potential to revolutionize the way the community harnesses the potential of AmaMpondo landrace stalks. The process of picking and selecting suitable stalks for decortication became a collaborative effort between The Best Grow team and the local villagers, unveiling the vast abundance of available resources in the area

The HurdMaster on the ground in South Africa. Our machine is poised to help small farmers improve their income from hemp.

The significance of this initiative goes beyond economic benefits; it also reflects a commitment to preserving the traditional practices of the Mpondoland area, For many years, the local communities have nurtured the amaMpondo landrace cannabis, but their efforts have yet to yield substantial rewards. The introduction of the HurdMaster signifies a pivotal turning point, bringing the possibility of transformation and progress for the villagers.

Rekindling hope and optimism

The local government has expressed its support for the community’s endeavors, recognizing the value and potential of their hemp cultivation. However, tangible benefits have been slow to materialize. With initiatives like The Best Grow’s introduction of the HurdMaster, hope and optimism are rekindled among the villagers, as they eagerly await to be able to process their stalks into further outputs, and unlock the full potential of this game-changing machine.

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