HurdMaster decorticator goes into production, and is now on sale

The HurdMaster Micro Decorticator, a small-scale fiber processing unit designed by Industrial Hemp Latvia (IHL) founder and entrepreneur Kristaps Eglitas, is now in production and may be ordered.

The machine is designed for small-scale flower and seed growers who want to monetize leftover stems from their harvests, Eglitis said. It is intended for farms of 2-5 hectares (about 6-10 acres). The HurdMaster is priced at €13,500/$14,740.

“We’re getting excellent hurds for hempcrete,” Eglitis said of the sleek, boxy, stainless-steel unit, which is small enough to fit in a car. “We processed some fiber for hempcrete to insulate my own house which we’re now working on, and the hurds’ performance in the mix was excellent,” Eglitis said.

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